Electric scooters have become very popular in Michigan. A walk in downtown Ann Arbor or any other city will make it quite apparent that scooters are everywhere. Bird Scooters showed up on Ann Arbor streets in the Fall of 2018. Rentable scooters are frequently operated by inexperienced riders. Anyone who is 18-years-old can download the app, put in a credit card number and be on their way in minutes. No prior experience or training is necessary. Worse yet, people who rent scooters normally want to get somewhere fast which can lead to reckless behavior.

Unfortunately, emergency rooms have reported an increasing rise in injuries including broken bones, brain injuries and deaths from scooter accidents. The majority of injuries occur when the rider falls off the scooter or loses control and strikes another object. Few scooter operators wear helmets – less than 10% of reported accidents.

The Most Common Scooter Accidents

  • Losing control of the scooter
  • Falling from the scooter
  • Hitting a crack or pothole
  • Being struck by a vehicle
  • Colliding with cyclists or pedestrians

Electric Scooters are Largely Unregulated

Pursuant to the Michigan motor vehicle code, motorized scooters may not be operated in bike lanes, but they may be operated on the road closest to the right curb lane. Local ordinances state that it is unlawful to operate these scooters on sidewalks. Electric scooters seem to fall in a gray area of the law and local governments are still attempting to determine the best way to regulate them through local ordinances. Regulations are needed to ensure public safety for operators and pedestrians.

Scooter Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet which can reduce the risk of head injuries
  • Avoid distractions like texting or talking on the phone
  • Stay alert to pedestrians and vehicles around you
  • Never ride while intoxicated
  • When riding at night, use a safety light

How a Lawyer Can Help After You Suffer a Scooter Injury

If you suffered an injury involving a scooter, we recommend contacting our personal injury lawyers. It is important to find out who is at fault for the crash as soon as possible. When another person is at fault, or if you were on a defective scooter, then you may be able to pursue compensation from either the company or the at-fault party.

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