When the new lower personal injury protection cap levels take effect on July 1, 2020, drivers injured in Michigan automobile accidents will be able to sue for medical costs arising from the accident.

Before the amendment of the law, medical expenses were not recoverable against an at-fault driver or owner who maintained the mandatory no-fault insurance coverage.

As a result of this change in law, at-fault automobile drivers and owners will be legally responsible for excess and future medical expenses when other drivers or occupants have selected lower PIP coverage levels and are inadequately insured. Hopefully, most drivers will opt to maintain unlimited medical coverage, and this will not be an issue. A $50,000.00 PIP option will only be available to people with Medicaid.

As a result, most people who select lower PIP insurance will have at least $250,000.00 in medical coverage after an accident. However, automobile accidents that involve serious injuries will potentially make at-fault drivers and owners of vehicles responsible for lifetime medical costs above the limits of selected coverage of injured drivers and their occupants which can easily cost millions of dollars. An at-fault party would also be legally liable for lifetime attendant care.

In order to protect yourself, an automobile driver and owner need to purchase additional bodily injury coverage. The most cost-effective way to purchase this coverage is by purchasing a separate umbrella policy.

We would recommend that drivers and owners purchase a minimum of $2 million dollars of bodily injury coverage to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit. Obviously, you may require less or more coverage depending on your personal financial circumstances.

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