Selecting the right personal injury lawyer after your accident is the most important decision you will likely make when deciding to pursue a personal injury claim. You need to know how the law firm will be compensated, how experienced the attorney is and how the attorney will communicate with you concerning the progress on your case.

These are all important questions to help you select the right personal injury lawyer in Michigan.

It is strongly recommended to meet with the prospective attorney in person or by Zoom. This face-to-face meeting will allow both of you the opportunity to get answers to important questions. When hiring a personal injury attorney, you should consider the following:


An attorney who has previously handled your type of accident case will be able to provide useful insight into how best to proceed with your case. An attorney’s experience in a particular area of personal injury law is critical to obtaining a positive outcome. An attorney who has handled similar cases will be better prepared to represent you in your lawsuit and address legal and factual issues that may arise during your case.

Past Results

When speaking with a lawyer you may hire after an accident, it’s always recommended to ask about past results. Some lawyers will make promises that are not realistic. Be careful of lawyers who make outlandish promises. A lawyer should give realistic settlement expectations based on past case results.

Communication During the Representation

It is always wise to discuss how the communication will occur during the representation. Also, who will be handling the case from start to end. It is important that the attorney you hire is actively involved in managing your case. Some law firms will assign your case to an inexperienced attorney who may not be well suited for your case. Other law firms have the right under the Fee Agreement to refer your case to an affiliated law firm and you will have no control over who ends up representing your legal interests. Make sure that you know who will be representing your interests.

Free Initial Consultation

When an accident victim or their family begins to evaluate possible attorneys, it is important to see whether the law firm offers FREE initial consultations. Most injury law firms do not charge for an initial consultation.

After you’ve been injured in an accident, asking the right questions before selecting your personal injury attorney is a critical step of obtaining a positive result.

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